Friday, November 1, 2013

How I pulled it off {The wedding}

I've had a lot of people asking me the details of "how" we did the wedding.

Here is the breakdown

The Venue: 

After looking at a million wedding venues, I knew for a fact that I couldn't afford it, at all. We considered my back yard. But, it was mid summer and nights after the sun goes down are still in the high 90's. Way too hot.
We finally agreed on our churches cultural hall (AKA gym) for the location.
I threw a fit. I cried. I moped. Because those gym's are known for their lack of being pretty. The floors are yellow ish orange, they have basketball hoops and lines. The walls are covered in this ugly twine stuff, and it's really just not pretty.

After a little while, my mother convinced me it was going to turn out fabulous, and it was going to look beautiful. From then on I was determined!


When I first got engaged I realized I had no idea how I wanted to decorate. But I did know one thing - I wanted it to be elegant.
The further I got along, the more I realized elegant wasn't the word. I'm still not sure what to call it.. it was an assortment of lots of styles.

The Fabric Ceiling: I found a company who provided all the stuff to do it. (And they gave me an amazing deal!) But, I can tell you right now, it can be done yourself. It's not even hard! Just need fabric and string!! :)

The table Clothes: I bought fabric from Joann's Fabric (but you can go to any fabric store) And sewed table runners out of it! I also knew I wanted one statement table so I bought one with a cool pattern on clearance from Adams and Company (Also known as Krumpets.. but they closed and are only online now. Boo!)

The Tulle + other fabrics: I bought it online at BB Crafts. They seriously have the cheapest stuff I have ever seen.

The books: Thrifted those suckers. Every single one of them. And I didn't just stick to the DI.. I went to the catholic thrift store and a few other one's I stumbled upon!

The "lamps": I purchased The David Tutera Vellum Lamp shades online. (Amazon is a life saver!) Went to the dollar store, and bought every single wine glass off their shelves. I also found a killer deal on battery operated tea light candles to put in them. Wa- la! Lamps!

The picture Frames: Once again, dollar store saves the day! I bought all of their picture frames one day (they probably hated me after that. Oops! Lol). I went to Home Depot, bought the color of spray paint I wanted, Took the glass out of those suckers, and painted the crap out of all 35 of them! Sent over engagements/dating pictures to Walgreens and popped them in the frames. Super easy!

The gazebo and trellis: I rented them from a company in St. George. Look up companies around you. You would be surprised at how many you will find!! :)

Everything else: I either thrifted or borrowed it. Yep, even those gorgeous bird cages. I found that a lot of friends/family had things I could use. And it took months of yard sale-ing every saturday morning and going to thrift stores multiple times a week, but it paid off in the end!

Other Details:
The dress- I bought from someone else (KSL)

The bridesmaid dresses- An assortment of stores. Mostly forever 21 clearance rack!

The food- Made by yours truly! Bought all my food in bulk from costco! Thank goodness for that fabulous store!

The flowers: Cameo Florist did my bouquet, the bouts, and the corsages. My mother arranged the flowers that went on the tables, and my lovely bridesmaids helped me make their own Bouquets from flowers I bought from costco as well!

The ties-  Tie One On for the older boys. Tiecoon for the younger boys (who can turn down $5 ties?!).

The Makeup- ELF Baby!!

The hair: My beautiful sister! She's so talented!

The Photographer: Ereka over at Elore Photography

Thanks to everyone who helped make the day what it was! I couldn't have done it without you! Whether you cut up fruit for what seemed like forever, helped decorate, or let me borrow things.. you are a saint! Our day was beautiful and better then I could have ever imagined! Thanks so much!!

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