Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Engagement-

March 2013-
We had officially been together seven months. He flew in for spring break, and I was so excited.

I had a feeling he was going to ask. I mean, I KNEW he had the ring.. and there was no way he was waiting till July to give it to me.

It seems like that day took forever... even though he arrived in St. George at Noon. I spent the morning trying to look somewhat pretty- cause you have to do that when your boyfriend hasn't seen you in almost three months, right?
(Another Crazy fact: it was only the third time we had seen each other.)

We went out with my family on tuesday.. I thought for sure he'd ask me then.
I sat through the entire dinner thinking "Is it now?" Then he'd move and I be like "Holy crap!" 
But it was just me being a spaz. Total false alarms left and right.

I went home kind of disappointed. But still happy as ever.

Wednesday we went out on a super awesome date. We played arcade games, ate a lovely dinner, grabbed cupcakes, took a stroll around the temple, and ended with watching the City lights on airport hill. 
I was positive it was coming then. We were sitting talking about our future. I was expecting him to hop down and get on his knee any minute. 
But I still went to bed as his girlfriend.

Thursday was the day I gave up on the whole deal. He obviously wasn't doing it.
We were hiking that morning, so I wasn't going to get dressed or look spectacular.
He came in and laid next to me in the morning for awhile, we cuddled, I fell back asleep.
All I remember is hearing him say "Honey, I'll be right back." I mumbled Ok and rolled over.

The next thing I know, he is saying "Hey Beautiful, get up."
I was a grouch and kept saying no.
So he picked me up and said "I need you to stand up honey."
I groaned and stood up... 'what do you want?!'
Then I realized what was going on.
Then I started giggling. Not just a little. Like giggle so much its like I was nervous. 
Then I hugged him.
And he grabbed my hand and pulled me forward and I don't even remember if cute things were said or not. I just know I was trying to breathe and was bawling like a baby.

I think he thought I was going to die at that point- So he changed his plans a little, got down on one knee and said "You are my best friend. And I am incredibly thankful that I get to call you mine. Will you marry me?"

I leaped on him. Neither one of us recall if I even said yes. But I hugged him. And giggled. And hugged. And smiled. And kissed him. And giggled some more.
And then He said "Want me to put it on?" 
And then I remembered there was a ring involved.
He put it on, and I about died some more.

Then I punched him and said "I told you not to do it when I looked bad". 

Definitely not what I ever expected. But I think it was a thousand percent perfect, and I could not have asked for a more romantic, spontaneous, peaceful moment.

That was the day I became engaged.

(Next up: Our happily ever after, August 3rd 2013) I'm gonna leave you hanging ;) 

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