Monday, July 1, 2013

The Bridal Shower Part one.

Saturday was my long awaited Bridal shower. I originally wasn't going to have one, since I didn't want to ship presents all the way to Ohio.. that beats the purpose when it would cost me $200 to ship it all. But then my boss insisted and said we could have a "money tree". Just play games, eat lunch, and chat. I was game.

Holy cow, I was SO blessed!! I don't want to even put the amount of money I recieved, but it will definately feed conner and I for a few weeks. :) It was awesome.
Sadly, my mom didn't take many pictures, but my friend Mariah did, and I am excited to see what pretty pictures she snapped.
We played a few of the typical bridal shower games, my boss made delicious salads, brownies, and sugar cookies, and I got to chat with my favorite people. It was an amazing day, I couldn't stop smiling! :)
33 More day's till I become Mrs. Wolfe! It's coming so fast! :)


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