Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The day we met.

I've recently been thinking back to the day I met Conner. I guess since we are so close to getting married, I think about it more. 

The day we met.
It was a hot day in July. Neither of us can agree on what day was the day we "met". You see... I met him online. *gasp!* At first when we told people how we met we got weird stares and "It's not going to work out." . Understandably, some online relationships are iffy. Ours wasn't. Ours was real. But, to hold  back from the comments, when people asked we said "through a friend." Which wasn't entirely a lie. But that is a long story.. and thats not the good part!

Back to the story. I was ho-hum that day. I was laying out by the pool- and I was the only one there. I was scrolling through the pages on LDSsingles.com The same "Hi. I'm so and so. I want to marry a girl in the temple.. blah blah blah." over and over again. I was going to give up. I had deleted my profile after having a not so successful "relationship" with a guy on there who wouldn't commit. I prayed, and I got confirmation to try one last time.

I scrolled, but nobody caught my eye. I shut it off, went for a swim, and came back to a message. "It can wait till later." I sighed to myself.

I went in, showered, and left for work. The entire five hours at work I kept getting feelings of "Just look at it..", "Why are you waiting?", "Don't miss this opportunity." I didn't care. I ignored it.

The next day I got another message. Same boy. I finally opened it.

Him: "Hey."
Me: (Wooowww, thats original. What do I say?)  "Yo."  
(please don't reply.. please don't reply!)
Him: "How are you?
Me: (ugh!) "Just peachy, how are you?" (please leave me alone!)
Him: "I'm ok I guess. Tired."
Me: (Great He's Whiney!) "cool"
Him: Yep. Going to bed. Goodnight beautiful.
Me: "I'm not your girlfriend. Don't call me that!"
Him: "Ok, Night."
Me: (Totally not replying to that!!)

I went downstairs and talked to my mom
"Mom a boy talked to me. He called me beautiful. I don't like him." She told me to give him a chance.

The next morning he told me good morning. Thats When I knew this guy was going to be persistent no matter how mean I was.

That night I gave him my number.

A few days passed and I really saw it going nowhere. We were awkward. Our conversations were like we were in middle school. We really had nothing to say to each other.

 We still talked.

The week following I got up the guts to call him. If this kid was real, he would talk to me.
No answer.
His excuse was football practice.
I still think he was just too shy. 

I called the next day. I didn't think he would really answer but then there, on the other end of the line, was a shy deep "Hello?" I giggle like an idiot. Our conversation lasted two minutes. It was cool though. He called me back later. He asked me to skype. I said yes.
A few hours later a tall, dark, handsome man was looking at me on the computer screen.
It was surreal.
Another week or so passed. And we started getting really close.

How could I have feelings for someone I didn't even know? How could I WANT to talk to someone I had so very few conversations with?
After He skyped me he called me. Where we proceeded to talk almost the entire night.

August 12th,2012- I knew I had feelings for this boy. I didn't know what kind of feelings though. I just knew he made me smile, and I wanted to talk to him every second of every day.
He asked me to be his "girlfriend" That night. I said no. I know he was disappointed... 

August 15th 2012- We talked on the phone for a few hours. He texted me something I'll never forget.

"I need to tell you something..."
"I think I love you."
"I Love You, Candice.."

I think I love you too. But I don't know.
"Can we be official now."
I don't know.

We skyped. We called. We became best friends. Sickeningly attached to the hip... er phone...
I knew it was time to meet up.
So we booked a flight.

The day came, I was nervous. I don't know why... I just was.
The flight seemed like it took a million years.
Finally I found myself standing there waiting for the person I love.
I stood there for what seems like hours.
People would pass and I would think it was him at first glance, but it wasn't.
I waited.
And waited..
Waited some more..
Then I saw him.
He waved at me. I stood there awkwardly waiting for him to get closer.
It was like I seeing my best friend for the first time in years.
I hugged him. He was tall. He was warm. He was real.

The seasons changed. Summer left, fall came,Winter flew by, and then the glorious spring had arrived.

Coming Next: The Engagement. (Stay tuned!)

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