Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The wedding: According to pinterest

I haven't mentioned wedding plans much on the blog.
Which is surprising since it basically rules my life.
My pinterest board is a mess, and i'm sure some people look at it and go "I sure hope her wedding doesn't include all of that!"
I promise it doesn't. It has glimpses at what the big day will look like (or how I hope it looks!).
So here is a sneak peek at what the big day will look like:
I know, I know it STILL looks disasterous.. but it is a lot more classy then it looks! :)


  1. That sounds like my brain when I was planning my wedding! Looks very classy and beautiful! I personally love hearing about wedding plans so share away:) I'm sure the day will be perfect!

  2. So beautiful! xoxo



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