Monday, May 13, 2013

Welcome home.

I'm back!!!
Holy cow, that was the longest, best, most tiring, stressful, exciting, scary, fun trip of my life! Yes, ALL of those things.
I am not a city girl. I've lived in little tiny St. George, Utah practically my whole life. I would consider Salt Lake my second home, but thats not even what I call a real city either.
Cincinnati- my soon-to-be new home, is HUGE. Like, I got lost a million times (thanks for not working right, GPS!) You turn down one street, get lost, find the ghetto or cute shops, then get lost again. Ha!
I had more then my fair share of anxiety attacks while I was there. I NEVER have had anxiety like that in my life. The stress of finding an apartment in our price range that was in an area that didn't make me feel like I would be shot when I walked out the door was the biggest problem. We drove through neighborhood after neighborhood searching for a nice area that rent wasn't $1000 a month. I felt as though it was a lost cause. We couldn't find anything that wasn't ghetto or taken already. It was over- we were gonna be stuck living above the mother in law. (I'd die... not that it's a bad thing.. if thats your kinda deal.)
Saturday we were driving from our Tour of UC to the zoo, and once again got lost... we were being rerouted by the GPS when I saw the cutest neighborhood, with cute shops, a movie theater, restraunts, ice cream shops, and coffee houses. There were people of all ages walking along the sidewalks, families, couples walking dogs, teenagers playing violins and guitars in hopes of scoring a few bucks... I was DYING. The cutest place in the world. The streets are lit with gaslight lamp posts. I felt as though all my fears and anxieties when away right then. Conner laughed and said "Welcome to the Gaslight District."
That night I went home and searched for any and every apartment building within a mile of there. We found three that looked good and set up appointments to see them. Exactly a mile from there, and half a mile from campus. Perfect!
 The first two were ok. Not great, not bad. But the third one.. the teeniest tiny apartment ever... felt like home as soon as I stepped through the door.
 Peace came over me, for the first time in two weeks my head wasn't spinning, I wasn't afraid, fears weren't coming over me. It was still. Completely peaceful.
I knew I was home.
It may be tiny. It may not be the nicest one we saw. It may not be everything I was looking for. It's above our price range (only by $150). But it was perfect.
We applied for it, though we weren't sure if it would work out. The next day we got a phone call saying we got it! We got our apartment!!!! We hurried and put a deposit down, and made sure it is all ready to go for August.
 We move in August 8th. Yeah, middle of our honeymoon. Guess plans will be changing! :P
Guys.. I am so excited!

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  1. Those apartments are so cute. I love the brick. I'm glad everything turned out okay. Things like that really can be so stressful. Can't wait to see photos of your cute apartment! Decorating is so much fun! :)


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