Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leavin on a Jet plane.

I think I am in the safe zone now.
(If not, Hey babe... guess you know what your present is now! :P)
Remember how I posted here about a suprise?? Well TODAY (as in right now), I am flying to suprise my fiance for his birthday!! Guys, I am so excited!
He thinks we won't see each other till June. So, I am hoping this will be a pleasant surprise!
Today I get to do the whole travel all day thing (don't you love airports?), then tonight I spend the night at his Aunt's house in Columbus. Tomorrow, I drive all Day to Virginia to pick him up from school. Then we drive to His Nana's house (also in Virginia) and stay till Sunday. Monday is his birthday, so we are going to Kings Island (an amusment park). Tuesday we have a double birthday party (since he missed mine). Wednesday we are going to Dave and Busters. I have never been and I am excited. Then I am sure the rest of the time will be spent cuddling on the couch (no complaining here).
His mom and I have been making secret phone calls to each other squealing and getting excited that our secret we have had for Months is finally here! I haven't seen his family since December, so I am really excited to see them...
But lets face it, I am mostly excited to see him! His face better be priceless. No worries, I'll take pics!
On a side note- sorry I haven't been blogging! Wedding planning has taken over my life, along with work. But I promise I'll get back to it as soon as I am home!
Have a lovely two weeks! :)

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