Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loving from a distance.

He's the cutest.

He put lots of thought into my gift today. 

M&M's are my favorite candy. (They are yum!)
So what did he do? He got me a giant heart full of blue and orange (our wedding colors) M&M's with 'I love Candice' Written on them. How thoughtful is that? 

I'm not sure if I even want to eat them, they are so cute!

Since I worked late tonight, my four year old Bought me pizza from papa murpheys (with his mothers help i'm sure :P), and rented us Ice age number five hundred (how many are there now?) To watch. We built a fort, and ate our pizza while we watched our movie inside of it.

Excuse the crappy, blurry, instagram picture :P

Speaking of the little man, how cute is this valentine he made me?! 

Now Conner and I are having a date night. It isn't much of a date since Conner is swamped with Calc homework. So I basically am just sitting here blogging and watching him do Homework. We're real big romantics over here!

All in all it was a great love day! But I definitely cant wait to see him in two weeks! That really will be a day filled with love! :)

Hope you all had a lovely day, and were spoiled rotten! :)

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