Thursday, February 14, 2013


Conner Bradley,

It's heart day.
Love day.
Shove your face with chocolate day.
Shower each other with gifts day.
Mushy gushy, love dovey, I love you forever day!
So today, I am going to do a special thankful thursday thats all about YOU!
1-I'm thankful that you stalked me on LDS singles. And that you kept trying to win me over, even though I was mean to you.
2-I'm thankful you called me after I was a meanie head to you.
3-I'm thankful that you are persuing your dreams. That you are doing well in school, and studying hard so that one day you can support our family.
4-I am thankful that you call me every night to tell me goodnight, even if you are super tired.
5-I'm thankful for that infectious laugh, and that goofy smile of yours.
6-I'm thankful that you remain faithful and loyal to me, even if we do spend way more time apart then we do together.
7-I'm thankful for the time we get together. And that you let me kiss you a million times because I don't get to do it every day.
8-I'm thankful that you are tall, and that I feel short next to you! (It's great to be able to look up, and not down.)
9- I'm thankful that you dance with me, even though you hate it!
10- I am thankful that I get to be your wife.
Thank you for being my everything! My best friend, partner in crime, cuddle buddy, goofy face making fool, and the love of my life!
Happy Valentines day honey! I know we aren't together today, and it's not our ideal situation! But luckily we get an eternity more of valentines to spend together! :)
I love you!
And happy Valentines day (Or singles awarness as some prefer to call it) to all my lovely  bloggers! I hope your day is filled with much joy and love!

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