Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Popping the question.

No, no.. not the official engagement story (yet. That WILL happen in March. Thank you long distance, for making it so difficult!)
I asked my girls to be bridesmaids! I wanted a cute way to do it. But Most of them live in different states. (I was pretty bummed I couldn't do the ring pop in a box with "will you be my bridesmaid" At the top.)
Instead, I just made cute "Invites" For the girls. It went a little like this:
I have had a few get them and respond "YES!" But my favorite was my Cute friend Shelby who lives in Eden, Utah Who posted this to facebook and instagram:
Cute right? I thought so too!
All the wedding plans are finally (somewhat) Coming together My cute mom went with me to the Southern Utah Wedding Showcase over the weekend. I finally booked a photographer and decided on where I am doing the reception.
It was decided on the gym at the church. Before you cringe (like I did) at that, hear me out.
I found this way cute company called Elegant Iron Rentals. They revamp the WHOLE place, and it doesn't look like a gym. They have gazebo's and fabric dropped ceilings. They have water fountains and chair and table covers. They are gonna make it look AMAZING! And they are doing it for cheap! Which means, I don't have to pay for a venue, and most of my decorating is done for me. Heck yeah! :)
And because the photographer knows my sister (I'm not sure how though?), she is giving me full wedding day coverage for $250. WHAT?! Thats unheard of!! Basically, I am so excited.
Don't ask me how I keep lucking out. I'm not sure. I guess the big man upstairs knows how much money I DON'T have and is looking out for me.
I am so blessed! :)
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. such cute invites!!! I need to get on that.. you are WAY ahead of me in the game!! It was great seeing you at the show case too! Love that I can sort of do this with you - its a stressful, fun, and beautiful thing! SO excited for you!

    1. I was so happy to see you there! You are So stinking beautiful! :) I am here if you need anything. I have wedding on the brain constantly.. So I just plan. But I am a huge planner. I have six months and I think I have most of it planned and my down payments made. It's a start! :P Text or call if you need any help! I have a lot longer then you do. And I am SO excited for you dear!


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