Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vegas Mormon Style

Over the weekend we took a weekend trip to vegas. Since we all had monday off thanks To MLK day. It was my dad's 40th on saturday, and he always said he would either bungee jump or skydive on his 40th.
So he decided to be a little cray cray and bungee off the stratosphere tower. 855 ft. to be exact.
Yeah it was a little scary to watch.

I got lots of sibling time and hot tub time while the parents hit the town. 
They went to a concert and I really wanted to go.. but it was 21+. Yeah, guess who doesn't turn 21 till march? Yup, me. Womp. Womp. Womp.
Anywho, the weather was beautiful and warm (meaning it was 73 degrees). And we loved every minute.

Sunday my sister and I begged to go to the Temple, since I had never been to the LV one.
Finally my dad agreed.
I was really excited.
It wasn't what I expected it to look like, but it was still beautiful!

The rest of sunday we just layed around and swam (or hot tubbed) all day.

Monday we hung out on the strip and then headed home.

All in all. It was a GREAT weekend. 
I am so ready for another vacay already! ;)
Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!


  1. i would never ever ever never bunjee jump. no way. not ever. too freaky!! haha - but your pictures of you laying out by the pool totes made me jealous. I need some warm sun!

  2. LOVE that your dad bungee jumped, I wish I was brave enough to do it! :)


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