Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can I get a "Heck yeah!"?

The blog is FINALLY finished.
It only took a billion years (or a few weeks), but it's starting to look pretty!
I use to be a big blogger. Thats all I did all day every day.
That was also a year and a half ago and all my post were wah- wah my boyfriend is on a mission and thats all I have to talk about.
Here I am 18 months later, happy as can be, with the man of my dreams.
 (No, not the missionary. If you would like to hear that story, feel free to email me.)
This blog is all about my (not so) Adventurous life.
The good and bad of long distance love.
My wedding planning maddness.
My life.
My crazy/awesome/stressful/fun fulltime job being a nanny.
& All the other craziness along the way.
If you are new to my blog- link me up so I can follow back!
My dear old faithful readers, I love you!
BUTT, I changed my URL (please don't hate me)
Hope you enjoy my journey!

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  1. Super cute Candice! and I'm lovin the mini bio under the picture. So excited for you girl!


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