Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The not so fantastic Flu.

This house (AKA work) has been hit with the flu bug. First time for the boys, second time for me.
I really thought I got off the hook with it. Considering when I visited Mr. Handsome during break, he and the entire family had it. I didn't get it from making out with him five billion times. (tmi? opps.)
But of course come Friday morning Mr. Man woke up with the dreaded cough and a fever.
So we went to the doctor.
And on the way home I stopped at the store and stocked up on Airborne and EmergenC.
Side note: I am slightly a Germ freak. If anyone is sick around me I up the vitamin C and bleach EVERYTHING. I'm a weirdo.. nbd.
Lets just say I made a run for it as soon as the boss got home that afternoon! Ha!!
I headed home with packed bags ready to hit up Vegas For my Dad's 40th and enjoy our extra long weekend.
(I'll blog that adventure as soon as I am home this weekend. For some reason my bosses computer doesn't like blogger and it won't let me upload pics. Bummer.)
We got back Monday afternoon and I was running the high temp and feeling like a bus hit me.
This morning I struggled getting out of bed.
It's not the funnest thing getting ready for work when you are running a fever of 103.
In fact, I didn't get ready.
Know what I did?
I put a hoodie on and took my boss to work.
It was a good idea.
Cause when I got home, the baby woke up and was sick too!
Sick Baby, Sick Candice, Sick four year old.
Remind me again why I wanna have my own little cryings someday?
Back to the story.
I have been puked on not once. Not twice, but four times today. The baby has no Idea what to do with all the snot up his nose. So he gags and throws it all up. (Tmi again? Sorry)
I cannot get my fever down, and all I wanna do is sleep.
I think the baby has a radar.
Cause as soon as I lie down to nap, he wakes up.
Right now we are all curled up on the couch watching Doc Mcstuffins, and I am blog stalking.
And I am pretty sure this is where we will stay until we get feeling better.
I love being a Nanny, Don't get me wrong.
But  having No sick day's bites.
Wrestling a little boy (while getting hit and kicked in the process) to take his medicine just so you can get his fever down is rough.
Taking care of sick kids while being sick, sucks.
I just want my mommy (Yes,I am 20 and I still want my mom when I am sick.)
It seems like the flu is all you hear about lately.
It's hit Utah hard, I guess.
Any of you lovely readers have any tips on how to get over this faster?
If you do, let me know!
My sad little rant is over now.
Hope you all stay healthy, and don't get this stuff!
Tootles for now!

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  1. oh no!!! The flu bug is the worst! I am just like you in being a germ freak- My hands start to bleed from washing them so much, Emercen-C is my best friend and hand sanitizer is always in my pocket. Flu shots are crucial this year + drinking as much water as possible!!!!! Feel better! xo


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