Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Review.

I took this picture last march. Isn't it gorgeous?
I am reaaalllyyy Wishing it was spring.
The most loved/hated month of the year.
Loved cause it is a fresh start.
Hated cause of the insane weather and sickness' that come with it.
This month went too fast for my liking at times,
and dragged on forever at others.
This month I:
-Said goodbye to the lover boy, and headed back to Utah (the in-laws call it OOtah)
-Started back up work after three blissful weeks off.
(Which included trying to not pull out my hair remembering how crazy these kids are!)
-Got  back into the blogging world!
-Started the wedding planning process
- Took a weekend Trip to Vegas.
-Got the infameous flu.
- Asked my pretty friends to be bridesmaids.
-Started going to bootcamp three times a week. (hello sore body!)
This month has been pretty good to me, But I am SO happy to see it go!
Mostly because I have one month left till I see Mr. Handsome. Just gotta conquer February.
(And Valentines day alone.)
Cheers to February! Be good to me?

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