Sunday, November 11, 2012

Color Me Rad

So I've been signing up for 5K's and 10K's for a few months... but this one was my last race, and it was the one I was most excited for!

It was a pretty chilly Day. And being up on the hill the wind was extra strong. So I tripled up with white shirts, and headed out the door!

We got there, and I was instantly excited.

Just counting down and sprinting the first mile to the first color station was RAD, till I pulled a muscle :P

So we walked the next mile and a half.

Then ran the last mile to the finish line.

It definitely looks like a school art project gone wrong.

And I think I inhaled too much color.

But it was definitely the RADDEST and most fun time ever!

Thanks to my boss and sister for running it with me. Ya'll are awesome.

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