Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm athletic.

So I have taken up this thing called running. I love hate it! (But really I love it.. kinda)
I'm pretty sure I look like a duck waddling along. Or possibly like a beached whale trying to move, but it's not working. Either way, i'm sure all the morning commuters get a kick out of watching me "run" in their rearview mirrors every day.

I am far from an athlete. I can barely go a mile without feeling like my legs might fall off. 
But, it has kickstarted me into this awesome new lifestyle!

The cool thing about it though, is I can walk up these things called hills now, without feeling like I am gonna have a small heart attack when I get to the top. Or I can walk a mile, and keep going. I can go out, and enjoy the nice fall weather doing something active!

A year ago going for an "easy" Hike, was out of the question. Halfway up the paved trail I thought I would die.

Give me 6 Miles up-hill, sounds wonderful!
Walk up river, over rocks and waterfalls in a slot canyon? LETS GO!

And I do just that. 

My saturdays are filled with wonderful adventures, and I am so thankful for the kickstart to fun adventures that running has given me. 

Snow Canyon State park August, 2012

Snow Canyon State park September, 2012

The Narrows Zion National Park September 29, 2012

Cheers to the many more adventures to come!! :)

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