Friday, March 21, 2014


Holy wackoli (Not even a word- ha!), It Has been forever and a day!

Lets update everyone, yeah?

We're still in Cincinnati. Conner is working hard at UC and I am now working for a family as a nanny. We adopted our cute little {big} puppy on christmas day. He is so fun!

We survived the holidays. Went on a few trips to Washington DC, Virginia- to visit our Nana, and to Chicago. We've got a whopping total of two friends. We love going on adventures. We hate the snow- Winter about killed us. We are now enjoying the slightly warmer days we have been having.

In all honesty there hasn't been anything huge, or grand, or amazing happen the past few months. We are just living life as two crazy newlyweds. But, Its been fun!

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