Friday, October 25, 2013

Our wedding: Our reception

Our reception was so nice and relaxing (Yes relaxing!). I expected way more people to show up, but it was a big travel weekend and a lot of people couldn't make it. We just had a very slow steady flow of people come and go. After 45 minutes of the greeting line I decided I just wanted to walk around and talk! That was probably my favorite part of the night, considering I am a social butterfly. Finally, someone pulled me aside and was like "You only have an hour left. You better get going with the cake cutting and dancing!" I was like oh yeah! Haha.

So we cut the cake. And I got Conner good! We laughed hysterically for a minute then all the sudden WHAM! He smashes it right into my face. Good times, good times. My best friend caught my bouquet after my sister halfway caught it and threw it like it was a hot potato or something. Everyone found that hilarious.
If you notice in half of my dancing pictures with my dad AND Conner, I am laughing. Yes, I married a man that makes me laugh just as much as my dad. While dancing they both felt the ribbing in my dress and said "Do you have cardboard under your dress?" I laughed pretty hard.

After that, I just danced with my sisters, my little brother, and slow danced some more. Then I just kept socializing. I decided I was ready to be out of my dress, so my sisters took me to get out of mine, and I got all my stuff in the car so Conner and I could leave. That was probably the weirdest part of the day - Packing a bag for a boy as well as myself. It just was surreal.

I walked out to Conner waiting for me and everyone was already outside getting ready for our exit. I really wish I would have told people goodbye and hugged them - since that was the last moment I saw my best friend and my big sister. That was the last time I would see them for almost a year. It was so weird.

Our exit pictures turned out dumb because I bought the wrong kind of sparklers and these were like sparklers on crack and were INSANE. I thought we were going to catch on fire.

It was a great day. It was perfect and I am so happy to be Mrs. Wolfe!

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