Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This is me.

Sometimes, I go through spurts where I absolutely hate blogging. I think "My life isn't cool enough". 

But, I lose sight of why I even made a blog in the first place. I did it because I wanted somewhere to write. Somewhere where I could place precious memories and be able to look back on them. Somewhere where I can look back and remember how I felt during certain times. Somewhere where I can remember my emotions. They happy, the sad. the struggles, and the triumphs. A place that is mine.

I had times where I have gotten on, read a few blogs, and quickly logged off because I have found myself angry. Angry that I am not the normal 20 something year old with kids. Mad that I can't even afford a semi normal date night. Mad that I don't dress how everyone dresses. Mad that I don't own a super nice car, that I haven't been on a real vacation in years, and  that we aren't well off financially. Mad that we cant just hop on a plane to new york, mexico, or Europe,  that my wedding wasn't going to be as extravagant and spectacular as the one's I was seeing. And mad that I am not a good cook, and will never ever be that good at baking.

I was mad. Because thats not me. I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to care about people's lives who will never, ever care about mine. I didn't want to be another comment on a blog screaming "Look at me! Look at me!". I didn't want to have to beg for my blog to get attention. Pay to "sponsor" it so that people will come look at it. And if you don't like that. Then don't follow me.

Because this is me.
I am real, and I am honest.

I am not anything but the normal every day girl. The newlywed who is struggling to make ends meet. Searching for a job. Living in a new city thousands of miles away from "home".
 I am not a fashionable person.
 I usually am wearing yoga pants with my hair in a pony tail. 
It's rare for me to wear makeup. 
I am not crafty.
 I don't have much talent. 
I'm not super thin.
I am not very atheltic.
My teeny tiny apartment isn't decorated much (or even at all to most people).
 It's a good day when I cook and don't set off a fire alarm. 
I'm not into following trends.
My weekends consist of spending time with my husband cleaning the house, and hanging out with his family. And My date nights consist of a walk around the park not spending a dime. 

My blog isn't about traveling. It isn't about giveaways. Its not about being a mom, crafting, hair, makeup, or fashion. It's not about having tons of money and flaunting where I have traveled to in the past weeks, months or years. 

It's about me.

My blog is about real life. Real struggles. Real joys. Every day life.

I'm blogging for me. Nothing more.

I can't say my posts will be exciting, long, or extravagant. But I can promise it will be completely genuine. 
& that's all that should matter.

Hi, I'm candice. Welcome to my normal completely average blog.


  1. LOL. Girllll you crack me up!! You act as if the Lord has not blessed you with anything good and great. I think you are wonderful and I have never even met you in real life. I think you are very outgoing and bubbly, and I know you are an optimistic and loving girl who loves and cares for her friends and even pen pals.! I know you have talent, and even if that isn't something to put on pinterest, it is an amazing talent that our Heavenly Father blessed you with for a reason and purpose. You have a husband, and how blessed and brave you are to move across the country following your love, and living the gospel. Who says you need to have a kid at age 20? It doesn't work that way for everyone, and its not supposed to. Everyone sets of their apartment fire alarm, I have many times and its hilarious. Gives my husband reasons to joke on me. Baking and cooking will come to you, and being athletic or skinny isn't the only way to live. You are who YOU are for a perfect reason, and I do not want you to feel like being average is normal in any way. You my lovely girl are not average, and you are not just normal. Nobody cares where you have been or where you haven't been, or how good your hair looks, or what you are wearing today. I hope you will remember how special and awesome you are as a Daughter of God. That is much more honorable than your pinterest ability. I hope you will let your personality shine in your new town, because there are plenty of people who could use a dose of special Miss Candice. :)

  2. Girl, this is such a perfect post! Stay true to yourself, and never ever compare yourself to others! You are the only you! :)


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