Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our wedding day- getting ready!

It's been almost two months since we got married. (HOLY COW!) And I haven't blogged a peep about our wedding day. I was holding off posting until I got pictures back from my photographer. Now that I am slowly getting some back, I decided to break it up into parts. Because lets face it, there was way too much that happened that day to fit into one  blog post.

Part one- Getting ready:

Friday night we didn't get home till almost One AM from setting up. I sat on the couch with my soon to be husband and family and enjoyed a nice cold rootbeer float and chatted for awhile before all the girls decided it was time for  bed. I washed my face, climbed into my bed for the last time, and fell right asleep. I don't understand why girls say they tossed and turned the night before their wedding day, I got four hours of nice solid sleep.

I woke up at 6:45 so I could shower and have time to let my hair air dry. Because when I blow my hair dry, it is super frizzy. I ran to Mcdonalds with my dad for breakfast, and came home and put on a nice, but comfortable dress. My sister showed up at 8:30 to do my hair. We had practiced my hair twice before, but for some reason this time it took a lot longer. Of course I started stressing about the time crunch. I had told all my bridesmaids to be at the church at 9:45 to help me finish getting ready. At this point, everyone at my house was in a mad scramble to get ready. Searching for places to do hair, take showers, where so and so's outfit is. Sarah came to the rescue and came and got me so she could do my makeup at the church. I was greeted at the church by my mother in law who was searching for my husband, and assured me that everything was fine and to not stress. I was greeted by all my bridesmaids looking beautiful and ready to help me with whatever I needed. Sarah did my makeup, and made me look fabulous! (Thanks Sarah!)

Soon I had realized that I had forgot a ton of things. Jewelry, rings, my veil, marriage licence, you name it, I probably forgot it! Ha! Luckily my house was full of lots of people and it was just down the street so we were able to get it all in time

My sisters were in and out, trying to get all the kids ready.
Finally, I went back to the room to get my dress on. It was the first time that morning that it hit me that I was getting married. I started getting butterflies in my stomach, and I wanted to cry happy tears. My mom and my two best friends got me in my dress and laced it up. I honestly don't remember much at this point. I remember my photographer shooting away, and the "click" of her camera as she shot. I remember someone saying "holy cow, where did you find this dress?! It's gorgeous." And I remember my daddy walking in and telling me I looked good. I remember pacing back and forth realizing I was going to be one of those weddings that started 15 minutes late... but at that exact moment, I didn't care anymore. I was getting married. It was finally here, and I was so excited!

(Coming soon- Part two: The ceremony)

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