Monday, July 15, 2013

The beginning of the end.

Oh hey there, blog friends!
Long time, no post..
I know! I have been crazy busy getting everything all ready for when we say 'I do' in three weeks. Yes, three. Crazy, right?

My room is almost all the way packed (I may have put that off for too long), every closet in my house is stuffed with wedding supplies, and my wedding dress is hanging beautifully in the closet waiting to be worn.

It's a bittersweet time for me, guys.
On one hand I am so incredibly excited to be married to my best friend. To wake up to him every day. That I get to explore, be a wife, and have a someday (not so soon) family.
But, I am also incredibly scared, nervous, anxious, and sad.

Because I am moving two thousand miles away from everything I have ever known.

The goodbyes have started. Last weekend I had the chance to see one of my  best friends from high school. While it was a blast, we both came to the quick realization that I won't be here when she visits home anymore.. and who knows when we will see each other again.
Today was a lucky day, my old group of friends were all in town at the same time. All of us are in different stages of life. One is going on an LDS mission, one is single and Jetting off to Russia to teach kids english, two are engaged, one is divorced, one is a newlywed, and three of them have cute little kidlings running (and crawling) around. After a minute we stepped back and thought "Whoa, a lot has changed in a short while." And once again, we said our goodbyes not knowing when we would see each other again.
I got in my car, and I cried.

The boys fell asleep on the way home, and I drove in silence. Taking everything in.. for the first time it became real...
This isnt "Home" anymore.
I won't be cursing at the terrible drivers who roam the roads.
I won't see blue skies and red mountains.
I won't have a big, beautiful, white temple in my view where ever I travel anymore.
I won't begin and end my day's with temper tantrums, giggles, and fun projects.
I won't return home every night to my crazy, fun, hilarious family.
I won't see my nieces and  nephews every week.

I have something new waiting for me.

What that is? I'm not sure.
Don't get me wrong, I am more then thrilled for newlywed life.
I am so excited to be able to be a wife, to see my best friend daily, and to help each other learn and grow.
But there is so much unknown, and I guess that comes with growing up.
But that's ok.

Many new changes are coming, here on the blog, and in life.

I am ready to embrace it.. and hopefully everyone around me is as well!

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