Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life lately: According to Insta

- Waiting 35 Minutes in line at the watering hole (Swig), just for a lemonade with strawberry/mango puree & a sugar cookie *drool*.

- Throwing it back to exactly one month ago today, when I got engaged!

-My new shoes. They're cute huh? Wanna know the secret?
Walmart $12, YOUR WELCOME!

-Spring has sprung in Sunny STG. Those darn cherry blossoms made me sneeze like crazy for weeks. Luckily, Now the tree's are green with brand new leaves! Love spring! :)

- 21 years ago I was born. Isn't my mom a babe?

- Put being 21 to use (since I can't go out and drink), and bought some lotto tickets. Unfortunately I didn't pick the right power ball numbers, dang it! But I did win a whole $15 on the slot machine. Woo! Big winner over here!

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