Saturday, January 12, 2013

You and I

Last night, as I logged onto Skype to chat with Mr. Handsome, My heart melted when I saw the way his face lit up when he saw my face pop up on his screen.
Even with my messy hair, sweats, and no makeup, he STILL thinks I am beautiful.
He always puts a smile on my face.

He is the greatest blessing in my life.

He loves me for ME.
He accepts my flaws and my shortcomings.
He thinks I'm beautiful no matter what.

How lucky am I to have him?
Pretty darn lucky!

I really am not sure how I was lucky enough to find him.

But I know that I am thankful everyday for the incredible man God has placed in my life. And I am thankful that I get to fall madly in love with him more and more every day.
That I get to try to bless his life, just as he has blessed mine.
That we get to help each other be better.
That we get to encourage each other.
That we get to build our dreams together.

I am pretty positive we knew each other in the pre-existence. 
That God had a divine plan for us to end up together.

He is my everything.
He is my best friend.

And I miss him so much everyday.

Sometimes the 2,000+ miles gets to us.
Sometimes it's hard.
Sometimes we break down.
Sometimes we just need a five minute skype date to remember that the distance is worth it.

He will ALWAYS be worth it.

50 More day's till we reunite.

And I can't wait!

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  1. so beautiful to hear this! I'm so happy for you Candice!


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