Monday, January 7, 2013

The peanut to my butter.

The Fruit to my loop.
The star to my burst.
My best friend.

And I FINALLY got to go to see him this past week for nine Blissful days! (After five months apart)

It was the greatest trip I could ever ask for. I was so incredibly happy, and I couldn't have asked for anything better! Well, maybe except for a little less snow! ;)

I was supposed to fly in on wednesday afternoon (the day after Christmas). But Mother Nature decided to torture me by giving Ohio a nice big blizzard that day, so I had to reschedual my flight.
So Thursday Bright and early (4:30 AM to be exact) I headed to the Airport to finally see him!

I got there and they told me my flight was going to be 40 minutes late. All I could do was laugh and say "Of course it is", since that is totally my luck.

I got to my gate, and I suddenly got super anxious. I tried walking around. Tried taking a nap. Called Conner. Called My sister. Called my friend Courtney. And finally my plane got there ON TIME! Whew! I was about to go insane.

I got on the plane and the only seat left for me was smack dab in the middle of two old people. The man to the right of me smelled like onions.. or maybe just bad B.O. And the lady to my left was snoring loudly in my ear before we left the tar mat. Sweeeettt.

I knew I had a four hour flight ahead of me, and I armed myself with lots of movies loaded on the Ipod to watch. I made it through Dispicable me and part of The Notebook before I got super antsy. And then I waited, listened to music, tried to look out the window past the mans pop belly, and before long I gave up and turned my movie back on.
All the sudden I saw everyone around me turning off their stuff. So I quickly pulled out my headphones and realized we were making our final descent (Forty minutes ahead of schedual!) and it was time to turn everything off.  So then of course, My brain went into panic mode knowing I would be getting to the airport way before Conner would be, and I had no way to tell him. *sigh*

We landed. I turned my phone on and right as I did so, he called me. And as anticipated I got there way before him. So I slowly walked to the baggage claim. Waited. Waited. Waited. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. When FINALLY the dumb bags got there. Then it was time to sort through the bags to find mine. And then I saw out of the corner of my eye a man had accidently mistaken one of mine for his and had to chase him down and get it. And then I had to find my other bag... which was one of the last one's.

I called Conner again and he was still a good ten minutes away. So he told me to go stand outside and wait for him.

I walked out and a blast of freezing air smacked me. This desert girl wasn't used to such a thing. So I buttoned up my coat, wrapped my scarf around me a billion times, and stood there looking like a lost pupppy

I waited for what seemed like an hour (when it was really only like five minutes) when I saw someone wave at me through a car window. I wasn't sure if it was him or not, so I decided to kinda half wave and then just stood there like an idiot. Then wa-la! He got out of the car. And I STILL stood there before realizing I should probably start walking towards him. We met in the middle and went in for a hug, and we pretty much smacked arms and laughed and tried again! Ha!

Then, the whole drive back to his house was wonderful because I had to keep saying "what?!" when anyone talked because my ears were so plugged I couldn't hear.

The rest of the night consisted of meeting family, going out to dinner, and lots of kisses and cuddles before bed (which we sat on and broke right off the bat...). Basically, the night was hilariously awkward. But I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

The rest of the week was wonderful. I got to meet his aunts and uncles and go to the Spa with the girls. Lots of movie nights cuddled up on the couch. Went Ice skating. And spent a couple of day's in Cincinnati.

It was the best week ever. My heart aches now that we are apart again. Lets not even go into detail about how terrible the goodbye was. I'll spare you that one! ;)

Thanks to Conner and his family for an awesome week and a half! I am so blessed to have you all in my life! :)

Now march can just hurry faster so I can see him again! :)

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