Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Wedding Day: The Ceremony

*I know, I know! I've fallen behind on the whole wedding deal. But, lets play catch up now!*

The most stressful part of the day was over now! But, As we were heading down the hall to walk, I suddenly realized none of us had our flowers. They were still sitting in another room. It was suddenly a mad scramble to get them. But, It was done within 30 seconds and the craziness ended. 


Everyone got back in line in order, and we continued as if nothing had happened.

I felt like time was moving SO slow in this moment. I was watching the girls disappear to enter the ceremony one by one.. but it seemed to take forever. I kept thinking in my head "Move faster!".

Conner and I had choosen to not see each other at all before the Ceremony. I wanted the moment to be real.. full of emotion. I wanted the looks on our faces as we saw saw each other for the first time to be priceless. And I can assure you, It was.

As soon as I entered the room, the biggest smile swept across my face. I was calm. I felt like there was nobody in there but us two. It was magic.

The Ceremony was beautiful. We laughed and giggled and whispered cute things to each other the entire time. In fact, I don't even remember what our vows were or what we said. I just remember my ever so sweet husband, telling me he loved me a million times. 

We said I do, kissed, exchanged rings, and walked hand in hand out of there together!

After, I was so surprised to see so many people who had showed up. I didn't even notice them when I was walking down the isle (Obviously too into the moment). We hugged, we laughed, we acted dumb (cause we are goofballs). It was so fun! 

I was oh so happy to finally be a wife! All the stress, planning, sweat, and tears paid off! Thank goodness! :)

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  1. Your day looked incredibly perfect. congratulations. I'm so happy for you !


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