Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend-

Hooray for extra long weekends!!
My best friend and I decided we wanted to be attached to the hip (she is having a hard time knowing she only has two months left to hang out with me), so we had a really fun weekend

Friday I was off early, and headed out to swimsuit shop. It wasn't too successful. She ended up buying hers online, and the one I wanted was sold out. Boo. We had a "sleepover" (do you still call it that when you are 21? lol) and fell asleep before midnight. We are such partiers!

Saturday we went out yardselling to find stuff for the wedding. All I came back with was a bunch of cool old books. Ha! I napped all afternoon. Then we made tutu's for the little girls for my wedding. Ended the night with roasting marshmellows by the fire.

Sunday I spent the morning in bed. I could sleep in for once, and I sure did take advantage of that! I decided I needed family time, and went with my family to visit my cousin who was down for the weekend. We ended up staying till midnight, but it was fun to hang out. And they had the CUTEST 6 week old puppy. I about died.

Monday we decided to make the best of what STG has to offer. We hit up the mall for some shopping, grabbed lunch at kneaders, and did some more shopping while sipping on some chocolate chip fraps from starbucks. We headed home, got ready (mostly Kylee got ready - she is on the hunt for mr. Right) and went out to dinner at the pizza factory. Then we walked down to 25 Main to get the best cupcakes in town. We walked down main street and walked around the town square splashed in the puddles (the water was shut off! What the heck?). We decided to take a spin on the carousel and laid in the grass while the sun set. (starting to sound like the perfect date) The weather was amazing, so we headed down to the temple. There was nobody there. So we sat smack dab in front and watched the sun set the rest of the way. It was gorgeous. We spent a good three hours there. Taking pictures for the handful of tourists that stopped to take in the beauty, had some sweet conversations, and freaked out at the fact that I only  have nine more weeks till I get married.
 We drove home with the windows down and blasted our favorite songs.

Twas a lovely weekend! By the way, I really suck at this blogging thing. No wonder nobody follows me anymore, huh? :P I swear when the wedding gets closer and I am done being a crazy person working and planning a wedding I'll post more.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

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  1. grown up sleepovers with your girlfriends are the best!! i'm 25 and they're still my favorite. and swim suit shopping? oh, that's the worst kind of challenge right there! good luck.


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