Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Since it is my birthday tomorrow, I had a fun time browsing my photo's looking back at birthday's past. I thought to myself "wow, Some years I was really nerdy!" Lol.

So here's a look back to my high school day's (and a few after):

16th birthday.
All I wanted was a really cool sweet 16 (and only 10 people showed up), And my first kiss.


This is the year that all I wanted was to go to preference (hs dance) with my boyfriend, and have my first doorstep kiss.
So, my birthday present was a really fun day date with my group, a really bad time at the dance (My boyfriend wouldn't even dance!), and a kiss that didn't turn out like it did in the movies.


18- I got my hair dyed black, and had a movie night with friends.

The year I got a cancer biopsy for my birthday, and my boyfriend took me out on the best date I had ever had that night.

My missionary dear Janed me, I stayed in bed the entire day, and then my friends came from salt lake for the weekend and we partied like rock stars.

I am engaged to my best friend, I have the greatest family in the entire world (Including the in laws!), and I am having a relaxing day where I sit in my pajama's and eat whatever I want.
I am healthy, happy, and blessed! :)

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