Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Liebster Award

I got nominated (is that what you call it?) By a cute girl named Kiri over at Green Trees and Red Roses. Seriously, if you haven't blog stalked her yet, get on it! She is the cutest!! All her posts make me wanna be a better person, help me look forward to my future with Mr. Handsome, and have some extravagant wedding i'll never be able to pull off. (haha!)

The Liebster award is for blogs that have 200 followers or less. My blog is a little less stalked, so that would definitely be  me!
1. list 11 facts about yourself
2. answer the 11 questions your nominator left
3. ask 11 questions for those you nominate
4. choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate
5. go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.

11 Facts about myself:
1. I go by my middle name. Still to this day I will sit in a doctors office and not realize they are calling my name for a few seconds. Then i'm like "Oh hey, I'm Samantha. Yup, that's me."
2. I am terrified of frogs. They are disgusting. Eww.
3. I can't stand the sound of fabric ripping. That is like nails on a chalkboard for me. It makes me cringe.
4. My first pet(s) were two birds named tweety and polly. (Totes original, right? But hey, I was only five.) They lasted for about six months before polly pecked tweety to death. (literally) Then I gave polly away. I was mad at him... Stupid bird.
6. When I was younger, I was convinced I was going to be a  Marine Biologist. That changed when I realized that meant I had to do more then just swim with dolphins all day.
7. I am not officially engaged to my boyfriend (er..fiance... what do I call him?!) We are super unconventional and decided we wanted to get married. So we picked a date and ran with it. So no, he has not actually put a ring on it.. yet. (Though I do have a promise ring!)
8. I am addicted to Ice cream and cafe rio. (Bad addictions to have, especially when you are supposed to be on a "diet")
9. I have Watched Pitch Perfect at least 30 times (I stopped counting after awhile). Lets just say I watch it multiple times a week, and I may or may not be able to quote the entire thing. It's ok, I know I'm weird.
10. I actually never met Conner in person before we started dating. In fact, I hadn't met him until three months AFTER we dropped the L bomb. (I'm tellin ya. Totally unconventional.)
11. Two years ago today I sat in a cold doctors office, wearing an uncomfortable hospital gown, and the doctor looked at me and told me I had breast cancer. It was the scariest time of my life. But, I am sitting here two years later Cancer free baby! So thankful for the life I have! :)

11 questions from the blogger that nominated me:
1. What is your greatest passion?

As cliche as it sounds, to build my dreams with my best friend. To have a family. To raise them, and instill a desire inside them to want make the world a better place. To build a beautiful home that my kids will return to with their children. To explore the world with them. I guess my passion is to build a beautiful future. Does that count?

2. What was your favorite toy as a child?
 Ready for this? Hotwheels! No joke. I LOVED my cars. I had more hotwheels and tracks then all the other boys in my neighborhood. It was pretty awesome!

3. What do you HAVE to do before going to bed each night?
 I am totally unoriginal.. But I cannot go to bed without telling Conner goodnight. If we don't talk, I have a restless night. So we always call and say goodnight, and pray. Then I can peacefully doze off. He is like my little sleeping aid.

4. If you were a boy, what would you be like?
Oh gosh. I don't even know!! I'd make a terrible boy. I am such a wimp. I'd never have friends cause I'd  never be the kind of boy that's like "Hey, lets go jump our bikes off huge cliffs and try not to die!". I'd be like.. lets watch a movie.

5. Favourite pizza topping?
I have to pick one?! Let me just build you my perfect pizza.. It would have pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, (any other fattening meat), onions, mushrooms, and olives. *drool* Now I want pizza..

6. The thing that makes you the happiest?
Sigh. Here we go with the unoriginal crap again. Conner makes me the happiest. He can make me smile when nobody else can. He can tell something is wrong immediately. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He helps me be a  better person. He wants so much for me. He supports my decisions, and helps me in any way he can along the way. I am so blessed to have such an incredible person to share my life with.

7. How did you spend your sweet 16?
 Oh gosh. My sweet Sixteen was a disaster. It ended up being on spring break. I had this huge party planned  at a park with a BBQ and a waterslide bounce house thing. I invited TONS of people. I was so excited. Everyone started saying "Oh I will be out of town." I wanted to cry. I think I had a total of ten people show up. And to make it worse my 'boyfriend' at the time, didn't even show up. He was supposed to kiss me and I was so bummed when I didn't get that stinking kiss. But hey, I look back and laugh. And looking back, it actually was a pretty fun party anyways.

8. Your all time favourite blog?
Lex at He and I. She is seriously famous in the blogging world. If you don't know who she is, check her out. She is way too cute. And baby Ellie is equally adorable.  I went to School with Lex. I was always jealous of how cute and creative she was. Her blog was the first blog I religiously followed. I am seriously envious of her.

9. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
I keep looking at Bora Bora and swooning. I would DIE to go there. Seriously. How could anyone not want to?! It's beautiful. *sigh* Someday...

10. Your favourite hobby?
Photography! Not very many people know I do it. I use to actually do it as a part time job. I worked at a photography studio, and did my own personal 'Buisness' on the side. I am not claiming to be any sort of professional. But I love, love, LOVE, to capture photographs of such amazing people. It makes me happy!

11. Is there anyone that knows all your dirty little secrets?
 Lets just say if any of my best friends from high school decided they hated me one day, they would have a lot of secrets they could spill. So let's just hope I'm not on someone's bad side!

11 questions for my Blogger picks!

1. Who is your best friend, and why?
2. What makes you happy?
3. What is your biggest goal this year?
4. What is  your favorite holiday and why?
5. What is your dream vacation?
6. Most embarrassing moment?
7. Favorite Childhood T.V show?
8. If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?
9. What is your guilty T.V pleasure?
10. Where do you see yourself Five years from now?
11. If you could go back to any point in your life and change something, what would it be and why?

My Liebster Picks:
Alex at Happy Heart
Author Stephanie Worlton (who is also my cousin) at Kreating Krazy
Sara at Sara, Fancy and Tall
Berkley at Berkley Anne

And thats all I have! I know it's not 11, but I only know people with big time blogs. So If I stumble upon more, I will add them to the list! :) Forgive me, I'm a rule breaker! If you want to tell on me, thats ok!


  1. congrats girl! the liebster award is awesome.
    gonna go check out those other blogs now :)

    The DayLee Journal

  2. K, this is awesome and was so fun to read. I am so glad that I came across your blog! I have so much in common with Pitch Perfect, Cafe Rio, and on a more serious note- I am BRCA 2 positive- so I have a really high chance of getting breast cancer. It's like 90-something percent I think. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I can't even imagine. But yay for being cancer-free! :) I am so glad!

  3. These are great!


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