Thursday, February 21, 2013

He say's, She say's

I am so excited for this post! These are probably my favorite one's to do! If you want to join in, link up, and see the "rules", head over to Kiri's blog and see how!


What does your dream vacation look like?

He: To travel the world. I don't have one place I want to specifically visit.

She: Do I have to choose just one place? My biggest dream is to just travel the world. I really don't have one particular place I am dying to go. I have an adventurous heart, I want to explore the world! 

Who is your Celebrity Role Model, and Why?

He: Will smith. He has a good work Ethic, and he is African American, so I can relate to him.

She: I honestly don't know any well enough. But my father is a "Celebrity" In my eyes, and he is my biggest role model!

If you only had 24 hours left to live, what would you do and why?

He: Proclaim my undying love for my wife, and spend time with her. (aww!)

She:  I would hang out with everyone I love, and take in our precious last moments together. I would talk, laugh, and just have fun with them. Nothing crazy, Just being happy with the people who make me happy!

What is your most embarrassing moment?

He: Uh, I don't really know. Let me get back to you on that one.

She: Oh gosh... Do I have to?
Ok, so one time we were on our way to California. We stopped for gas at the podunk gas station in the middle of nowhere. My dad told us all to just stay in the car cause he was just going to quickly fill up. Well I really had to fart... so I got out of the car, and my dad asked what I was doing. I didn't think anyone was around so I said (very loudly) " I HAVE TO FART!". All of the sudden I hear a whole bunch of guys laughing hysterically. I look to my left and see a van FULL of hot guys. They were all laughing so hard at me. I got in the car and hid my face. Never again will I get out of the car to pass gas without looking to see who is around!

What is your Favorite Television show?

He: Basically anything anime that I watched on saturday mornings when I was little on The WB

She: I am obsessed with Catfish, The Bachelor (surprise?), and Pretty Little Liars.  Those are pretty much the only shows I watch.

What is your guilty pleasure?

He: Reese's and Mac and cheese!

She: Ice Cream and Cuddling with Conner. But Mostly Ice cream. Oh, and Nutella and pretzels.

If you had A million dollars, and you HAD to spend it, what would you do with it?

He: Buy all video games I have ever wanted.,Go on vacation, and Pay for all my schooling.

She: I would pay off all my medical Debt. Pay for mine and Conner's schooling completely. Put some into our kids college fund. Buy a car. Pay for a nice vacation for the WHOLE family, and then divide the rest out evenly for the rest  of the fam!


  1. love love LOVE reading your answers! I'm so happy you two have joined in! :D yay!


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